Moving abroad, A reality check

Joseph Cyriac
2 min readMar 13, 2021


One thing is for sure life abroad is not a bed of roses if you are a person with mediocre education and hold very few savings in the bank account.

It is true that a poor person in India might have big dreams of going abroad and making a fortune, and that is true, we have heard about many people’s story on how they migrated from India and made a fortune in that respective country. We hear these stories all the time. But, and this is a big but. Most of the positive stories that we hear of people making a fortune abroad are usually one of cases.

A person who really wishes to move abroad would need to do a little bit of research about the country they are migrating to. Some of them can be:

  • Visa application: Whether or not it is easy to apply for visa, and also the time taken to process them
  • Job Analysis: If you are planning to work abroad, you will need to see if you are holding your basic education degrees and have at least some work experience.
  • Community: It is always good to be around your own people while living abroad, so that home sickness might have lesser impact on you.
  • Money: Get to know about the job market in that specific country, what the average pay is and also where you stand in the workforce market. Ensure that whatever salary you may get can be enough for you to sustain and also save.
  • Expenses: This is the part where most people miss, living abroad can be expensive as compared to living in India. Things like rent, water, electricity, government fees, bank charges all come into play. Even if the country may be lesser expensive compared to other mega cities, expenses still would be comparatively higher than in India.
  • Weather: Weather also plays a crucial factor, since you have mentioned Europe it can get really cold. Be willing to adjust with extreme climates
  • Travel: Getting around is another important thing, do a study on how well the public transportation system is in that country. This also affects the place that you will stay and the work that you will do. In certain countries it is better to use public transportation, while in other countries you may be able to afford a car as the tax rates are lower, since you want to move to Europe public transportation will be a better option.
  • Food: Be willing to change your pallet to fit to the tastes of the country you might be migrating to, as getting homely food is a rare or even an expensive option. You can avoid this is by living in a community where your people are.

These are some of the things I might suggest to look into before moving abroad. Also reconsider your location as Europe might get boring and hard to live in. Migrate to place where people usually move to and are more immigrant friendly, I would suggest Canada or New Zealand.

Hope this might help you. Cheers.